About Corporate Billing Solutions

Corporate Billing Solutions is a specialist in Telecommunications billing and Telecoms Expense Management(TEM).

We have developed Australia's most advanced and easy to use post-paid Billing Systems for use by Telecommunications carriers, ISP's, resellers and other service providers. We also provide Australia's leading corporate expense reporting solution for telecommunications and other costs.

The system is not however limited to Telecommunications and can in fact bill almost any kind of product or service.

The staff at CostMedia have extensive experience in IT Management, software development, billing and telecommunications. The Corporate Billing Solutions concept was established as a result of our experiences in large corporates that highlighted the lack of effective solutions for cost management, usage reporting and personal use cost recovery of mobile phones and other services.

Corporate Billing Solutions was founded in early 2000. Initially concentrating on corporate Telco Expense Management & Reporting, we expanded into retail billing systems in 2003. With wide experience in telecommunications, software development and operational management we are ideally placed to assist your organisation. Together with our parters we can provide a complete billing solution for your business whether it is a small start up or a multi-national organisation.

CostMedia is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is an operating joint venture with TotalTel International.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide billing and reporting services that make your business more efficient and save you money. We aim to be seen as valued partners in your business, providing tools and support to help your business grow and prosper.



For further information about our business or products please contact us as follows.

Phone: +61 413 011 896
E-mail: [email protected]