Products & Solutions

  • Telecoms Expense Management & Reporting
    The Costmediia Telecoms Expense Management Solution consists of a web enabled bureau based service that enables clients to more effectively manage telecommunications assets and billing.

    The solution delivers a central inventory management system for a wide range of services and equipment. It is multi-carrier and multi-product capable. E.g.: Mobile Phones, Fixed Line, Data Services, Laptops, PDA’s etc.

    Our service provides comprehensive management and end-user reporting via email and the web
    CMS includes a sophisticated database of corporate reporting structures, user lists and managers that enables detailed reporting. The monthly management reports provide a tool for identifying trends in spending, exception reporting and import into your general ledger system.

    CMS performs allocation of billing charges to cost centres and integrates to customer Accounting systems. Each month the system will generate and send, via email, reports targeted at business unit managers, cost centre managers and end-users of phone services. This provides them with tools to self-manage their telecoms and other spending. The result is transparency throughout the business of costs and who is incurring those costs. The system can perform re-rating of charges to enable internal recharge of services between business units.
  • CMS Billing System
    The CMS Billing System provides fully featured rating, billing and invoice generation functions. CMS is a highly scalable, next generation multi-tenant post-paid billing platform. CMS is built from the ground up to be web-enabled and includes extensive management reporting functions. CMS consists of several modules, which can be selected or configured to suit client requirements:

    • Mediation
    • Rating
    • Invoice Generation and Bill Presentment
    • Loyalty
    • Provisioning
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Interconnect Billing

    A CMS implementation allows clients to focus on their core business knowing that the critical function of billing is running reliably and accurately, with the flexibility to meet their specific needs. Built from the ground up to be web-enabled, CMS can be quickly and simply integrated into customer care, provisioning and accounting processes.

    The CMS Bill Presentment Module (BPM) performs the essential functions relating to the loading of rated CDR, IPR or other feeds from other systems and the generation of invoicing data. The system also supports emailing of invoices, notifications and other customer correspondence as well as comprehensive management reporting. The system also provides interfaces to other external systems such as General Ledger, Payment Gateways and data warehouses.

    Accounts Receivable processing can be performed using the CMS Customer Administration web site, or can be performed in the client’s own General Ledger or other systems with payment transactions synchronised into CMS in real-time or batch.

    CMS is suitable for billing almost any type of product or service where there are one-off, recurring and/or usage or time based charges. CMS has been primarily used in the telcommunications, healthcare and corporat recharge sectors and can easily be adapted to other applications.
  • Corporate Billing Solutions Billing Bureau
    The Corporate Billing Solutions bureau based service provides clients with outsourced rating, billing and invoice generation functions. The bureau service uses CMS, our highly scalable, next generation convergent, multi-tenant billing platform. The Bureau service allows clients to focus on their core business rather t han the day-to-day operation and management of a complex in-house billing system. Built from the ground up to be web-enabled, CMS can be integrated into your customer care, provisioning and accounting processes quickly and simply with secure data exchange via the internet. CMS includes Accounts Receivable, provisioning and extensive reporting functions.

    Corporate Billing Solutions can provide integration services with secure payment gateways, banking systems and Australia Post, We can work with your print house or email out invoices , reminder letters or other customer correspondence on your behalf. printing/post providers, and supports uploading of payment files from banks and other. CMS also provides functions for tracking and reporting customer support issues.
    The billing system can also be customised to your requirements as needed.

    Please contact us for further information about how the CMS Bureau service can assist your business.
  • CMS Point of Sale System
    A web based point-of-sale system, CMS POS is integrated with the CMS billing platform to provide over the counter sales and bill payment services to your walk-in customers. The POS system provides inventory management and reporting functions and other features necessary to manage your sales process.
  • Personal Call Cost Recovery
    Corporate Billing Solutions's Telecoms Expense Management service can be enhanced through the PCCR module. This provides a revolutionary way for your business to track, report on and recover the personal mobile phone call costs of your employees.
  • Consulting & Development
    Corporate Billing Solutions has extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of software solutions. In addition we have wide experience in telecommunications consulting relating to telco vendor selection and telecommunications spend optimisation & cost reduction strategies.


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